Houston Emergency Response Map

Last Update: Tue Sep 30 19:50:02 +0000 2014

This map depicts traffic-related police and general fire response across Houston, Texas. The data updates every five minutes.

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Incident List
Dept Reported Address Cross-street Description
HFD 02:09 PM Harwin Dr   EMS
HFD 02:09 PM Renwick Edgemoor Dr EMS
HFD 02:09 PM Market St Benson St Automatic Alarm
HFD 02:09 PM Astoria Blvd Se Memorial Hospital One Dr Automatic Alarm
HFD 02:09 PM Southwest Fwy Ib Sw Memorial Hospital Two Dr Automatic Alarm
HFD 02:09 PM Studemont St Katy Fwy Ib EMS
HPD 02:09 PM 10648 Harwin Dr   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 02:09 PM 12800 W Houston Center Blvd   Crash/Minor
HFD 02:09 PM Bellaire Blvd   Automobile Incident
HPD 02:09 PM 9200 Bellaire Blvd   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 02:09 PM 1440 Studemont St Katy Fwy Ib Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 02:09 PM 2277 S Loop W Interchange Dr Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 02:09 PM 11398 Monroe Rd   Crash/Minor
HPD 02:09 PM 5100 W Loop S   Crash/Minor
HPD 01:09 PM 1800 Hollister St   Crash/Minor
HPD 01:09 PM 6800 Southwest Fwy Ob Dale Carnegie Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 01:09 PM 19500 Glenwest Dr   Traffic Hazard/URGENT
HFD 01:09 PM Eb 2200 S Loop W   Vehicle on Fire
HPD 01:09 PM 8500 Fulton St   Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 01:09 PM 7605 Gleason Rd Lakewood Dr Traffic Hazard/URGENT
HPD 01:09 PM 2400 Jefferson St   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 01:09 PM 11800 S Wilcrest Dr   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 01:09 PM 900 Uvalde Rd   Crash/Minor
HPD 01:09 PM 11402 North Fwy Ob Fallbrook Ibob Utrn Crash/Minor
HPD 01:09 PM 2900 Bay Area Blvd   Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 01:09 PM 7400 Harwin Dr   Crash/Minor
HPD 01:09 PM 700 Dairy Ashford   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 12:09 PM 5800 W Sam Houston Pkwy S   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 12:09 PM 11210 Odonnell Dr Benbrook Dr Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 12:09 PM 10002 Foreman Allen Genoa Rd Crash/Minor
HPD 11:09 AM 1700 W 23rd St   Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 09:09 AM 13100 Richmond Ave   Traffic Hazard/URGENT
HPD 09:09 AM 3100 Fm 2351 Well School Rd Crash/Minor