Houston Emergency Response Map

Last Update: Sun Dec 21 01:05:00 +0000 2014

This map depicts traffic-related police and general fire response across Houston, Texas. The data updates every five minutes.

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Incident List
Dept Reported Address Cross-street Description
HFD 06:12 PM Kirby Dr Westheimer Rd Fire
HFD 06:12 PM Ih45ob-crosstimbers St N Ih 45 Airline Exit Ramp Automobile Incident
HFD 06:12 PM Ih45ob-parker Rd W N Ih 45 Ob Little York Exit Ramp EMS
HFD 06:12 PM San Jose   House on Fire
HFD 06:12 PM Cullen Blvd   EMS
HFD 06:12 PM Falling Brook Dr Birch Villa Dr Smoke Detector
HFD 06:12 PM Cullen Blvd   EMS
HFD 06:12 PM Ih45ob-el Dorado S Ih 45 Ob El Dorado Ent Ramp EMS
HFD 06:12 PM W Fm 1960 Rd   Automobile Incident
HFD 06:12 PM Ih45ob-mount Houston Rd W N Ih West Exit Ramp EMS
HPD 06:12 PM 13300 Cullen Blvd   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 06:12 PM 12700 S Green Dr N Featherwood Dr Crash/Minor
HFD 06:12 PM Chimney Rock Rd El Camino Del Rey St EMS
HPD 06:12 PM Mykawa Ibob Utrn   Traffic Hazard/URGENT
HFD 06:12 PM Cavalcade St   EMS
HPD 06:12 PM 5777 Meadow Creek Ln S Richey St Crash/Minor
HPD 06:12 PM 6300 Cavalcade St   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 06:12 PM 11700 Southwest Fwy Ob   Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 06:12 PM 10501 Gulf Fwy Ib   Crash/Minor/DISTURBANCE
HPD 06:12 PM 802 Edgebrook Dr Rodney Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 06:12 PM 9027 Klondike Dexter Blvd Crash/Minor/DISTURBANCE
HPD 06:12 PM 900 Congress   Crash/Minor
HPD 06:12 PM 2329 Hoskins Dr Emnora Ln Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 06:12 PM 5439 Woodlark Woodbine Crash/Minor/DISTURBANCE
HPD 06:12 PM 18300 Gulf Fwy Ob   Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 06:12 PM 12000 Barryknoll Ln Strey Ln Crash/Minor
HPD 06:12 PM Crosstimbers St   Crash/Minor
HPD 06:12 PM 2305 Claremont Ln Overbrook Ln Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HFD 06:12 PM N Chenevert Mckee Check Patient
HPD 05:12 PM 7300 W Greens Rd Tomball Pkwy Ob Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 05:12 PM 2400 Southmore Blvd   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 05:12 PM 400 Richmond Ave Us59 Service Rd Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HFD 05:12 PM W Sam Houston Pkwy N   Automobile Incident
HPD 05:12 PM 7600 W Fm 1960 Rd Centerfield Blvd Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 04:12 PM 10401 Katy Fwy Ib   Crash/Minor
HPD 04:12 PM 8500 Dodson St   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 04:12 PM 200 S Heights Blvd   Crash/Minor
HPD 04:12 PM 3200 Westpark Dr   Crash/Major/Non-fatal
HPD 02:12 PM 2101 S Voss Rd Del Monte Dr Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 02:12 PM 7300 E Houston Rd Dockal Rd Crash/Minor/FSGI
HPD 10:12 AM Nih45ib-n Main St 1995 N Ih 45 Patton Ent Ramp Crash/Major/Non-fatal